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ENPACK,The No.1 EOE stock in China

Guangdong Enpack Packaging Co., Ltd. is a leader of high-tech enterprise in China which focuses on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and specializes in Research and Development, production and sales of "safe, environmentally friendly, easy to open" EOE products in metal packaging. Enpack is a EOE leading member of China's national standards- setting committee one of the units. Deputy head of China Packaging Federation Metal Container Association. Enpack listed on SHENZHEN STOCK EXCHANGE on February 7, 2017. stock code 002846.
Our core value: "The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence".
Our vision is to be the industry benchmark EOE company in the metal packaging, the preferred supplier of EOE and a socially responsible company that our employees are proud of.

Four intelligent production bases:
-Guangdong Enpack Packaging Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, located in Shantou, Guangdong)
-Guangdong Manguan Packaging Co., Ltd. (a holding subsidiary located in Dongguang, Guangdong)
-Foshan Baorun Metal Products Co., Ltd.(a holding subsidiary located in Foshan, Guangdong)
-Shandong Xuyuan Packing Products Co., Ltd.(a wholly-owned subsidiary located in Weifang, Shandong)

Four core product series:
-Peel Off Lid
(For Infant Milk Powder, Retortable Food and Dried Food)
-Canned Food Easy Open End (FA EOE for Canned Food)
-Beverage Easy Open End
(For Two-piece/Three-piece Beverage Can)
-Dried Food Easy Open End (Aluminum EOE with Saferim for Dried Food)

Twelve sets of Advanced Equipment:
1 set of 6 lane High-Speed system using MINSTER EC-H125 press.
9 sets of 4 lane High-Speed system using MINSTER EC-H125 press.
2 sets of 2 lane High-Tech Heat Sealing systems using Soudronic equipment.
Vision Inspection System and Light Leakage Testing System.

Enpack' products have been widely used by well-known companies like Unilever. Wong Lo Kat, O.R.G. Yashily, Jialong Food. Enpack will continue to explore EOE and related packaging domains and will stay in the cutting edge development of the industry and continuously adopted the most advanced and the latest equipment and manufacturing process, creating an "Industry 4.0" intelligent production base. Our mission is to provide customers with one-stop, complete coverage of EOE products.